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Rahbin Shyne is an avid half-marathoner, educator, author and speaker.


Rahbin Shyne

Walking is free and studies prove it has physical, mental and emotional health benefits. Walking is an opportunity to connect to our communities, to nature and deepen our self-awareness. It is my path to joy and I am delighted to share my walk with you.

In addition to being an avid half-marathoner, I am also an educator, author, speaker and mindfulness advocate.  As an educator, I teach government, law and U.S. History to non-traditional high school juniors and senior. My students are at-risk of not graduating. I love the opportunity to both instruct and inspire. Teachable moments, conversations that make a difference to the souls that pass through my classroom and campus, are the reason I rise and shine with a smile. 

Rahbin Shyne visiting "The Farm," Stanford University in 2016.

My workshops and speaking engagements are on the health benefits of active and mindful living.

See you on the path.

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