Rahbin Shyne

I live for a solid challenge. Especially challenges you can count!

As soon as I crossed my first half-marathon finish line in October 2015, I was hooked on the thrill of completing my race. I’m out to walk 100 and am out to recruit hundreds…thousands…maybe millions to join the ranks of half-marathoners. Whether you run, walk or jog, I love speaking to groups and organizations about the benefits and joys of the race.

In addition to counting up to 100 half-marathons, I’ve completed 365 days of poetry and am currently completing 365 days of doodling. It’s all about taking actions that have us not just survive life, but thrive in all areas of it.

In addition to being an avid half-marathoner, speaker, poet and doodler, I am an educator and author.  As an educator, I teach government, law and U.S. History to non-traditional high school juniors and senior. My students are at-risk of not graduating. I love the opportunity to both instruct and inspire. Teachable moments, conversations that make a difference to the souls that pass through my classroom and campus, are the reason I rise and shine with a smile. 

I’m available for workshops and keynotes. Reach out.

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