I Want to Belong

Official logo of 100 Half Marathons Club

Official logo of 100 Half Marathons Club

Yesterday I squeezed in a forty minute walk between a teaching commitment and a family one, while talking to my oldest, eldest BFF.  I was so proud of myself. I've found something I love.
My BFF's response, "Oh yeah. You love to belong."

"What? Belong? I'm not a belonger!" To say someone wants to belong is like saying they suffer from insecurity. I'm not saying I'm immune to insecurity, I just didn't see what it had to do with my commitment to officially register my commitment to complete 100 half-marathons by joining the club of the same name.

Because it takes completing 10 half-marathons to join the 100 Half Marathons Club, I registered to complete my tenth this weekend rather than wait another three weeks for Surf City. Does that make me someone who needs a group to make life meaningful?

The answer is absolutely! We're social creatures. Our humanity is at its best (and worst) only in relation to others.

So now I own it. I want to belong.

See you on the path.


Rahbin Shyne