Title Scramble: Review Dirty Leads Beer Clean Fun With Waitress To

Like Michael Jordan commitment to his North Carolina shorts, I have a pre-race beer the night before half-marathons. After vehemently insisting on its importance in race 7, I decided against in race 8 to watch my calories. That didn't go well. No more missing the pre-race beer. BTW, Studies shows these rituals can improve performance.

I invited my mom to tag along for the ride to pick up by bib for tomorrow's race. I gave her a couple options for lunch and was beyond delighted that she chose a nearby BJ's Brewery. I ordered my usual hoppilicious IPA. It tastes odd. The cool, sweet attentive waitress is quick to offer an exchange and promises to have the bartender double check it.

"We just cleaned the taps today...Maybe you've never tasted (that beer) right after the tap is cleaned."

Without missing a beat, I add, "I guess I like it dirty." Even my 70-year-old conservative living mother chuckled, though not as heartily as I or the waitress. That started a chain of banter, familiarity and exceptional service that stood out for me as a customer. The waitresses sense of humor, joy, patience, kindness and attentiveness moved me to do more than leave a good tip.

I switched to the Green Flash IPA. Perfect. The cherry glazed salmon was the best I've had at any of the BJ's I frequent. My guess is the the taste of the meal was enhanced by the deepened relatedness amongst us three. Appreciating these small moments of connection makes the day more meaningful.

A few minutes ago, I left a great review of my experience on an online customer review site. While I was there, I also left a positive review of a T-shirt store that accepted and completed a last minute silk screen request at 8pm on a Friday night. I'm customizing my shirt for tomorrow's Southern California Half Marathon in Irvine.

The owner of the silk screen store apologized for not having it ready right at their 9pm closing time. She was committed to having it all line up just right. (Maybe I attract OCD folks...see yesterday's post.)

When was the last time you left a positive review for a business, service provider to help them get more customers, make more money and continue to provide the level of service you enjoyed? It takes less than five minutes to share great moments and great service. You'll help their business. You'll fill your heart. And the success you open for others has a way of finding its way back to you.

See you on the path.


Rahbin Shyne