Superman is not a real hero. You are!

Every action we take to cut down on pollution, to curb excess carbon emissions preserves the diversity, beauty and ecological well-being of our planet. I'd love it if there were a true Superman who could speedily fly counterclockwise to our earth's spin, reversing time and giving us a second chance to get ahead of the climate change we're experiencing. (Note: Whether we are in multi-millennial natural pattern or a human-created change, lessening our part is all good.) A superhero move available to each of us is replacing a single short car trip a week with a walk or bike ride.

One of the benefits of becoming an avid half-marathoner is the willingness to switch out the car for comfortable walking shoes at any time. I'm fortunate that my partner loves to walk as well. Last month, we walked to our New Year's dinner at a favorite fine Italian restaurant.

Our most recent weekend walk was the first to our favorite Mexican spot where our favorite waiter remembers how we like our mole', our margaritas and rewards our loyalty with an always-amazing complimentary flan to finish the night's culinary experience.

Our walk included a shortcut through the neighborhood sport's complex, pass the skate park and sheriff's station and two locally owned coffee shops we'll likely try out. As we crossed the final light into the entertainment complex, I remarked that as much as I enjoyed having the sidewalk to ourselves, it would have been even nicer to pass other couples, enjoying a casual, relaxed walk to dinner, movies or evening shopping. There was not a single other couple walking instead of driving.

As much as I love half-marathons, I'll confess that I have no desire to walk ten miles to dinner and back. Still, with the average evening out a drive of only two to three miles, it feels good to work off some part of the food and drinks before I return home.

No one will see the big "S" on your chest as you walk instead of drive to and from dinner. Just know, silently as she spins, the earth thanks you.

See you on the path.