The Two Step Process to Uncover Your Passion

I can save you from reading twenty books on finding your purpose and thousands of dollars on coaching.

We all want to live a life that lights us up and offers the experience of fulfillment, even if in fleeting moments. I can help. It takes two steps. Step 1: Notice. Step 2: Act on what you notice.

Step 1.  Notice

What do you love to do when you are not on Facebook, not watching your favorite streaming series and not talking about what you saw on Facebook or recounting the scenes of your favorite streaming video? How do you enjoy spending time in action?

Do you watch a lot of cooking shows or actually cook? Do you make time to get out on the soccer field a couple times a month or year? Your passion is right in front of your face. It just may not be as sexy as you've been lead "passions" should appear.

One of my BFF's loves to sew. He makes pillowcases, potholders, pant and amazing quilts for his friends and family. These works of art inspire us. He has a rare creative knack for not only capturing the current personality of the recipient, but also the untapped beauty of their inner selves. His sewing is as much ministry as artistic expression. His passion is contributing to the growth and healing of souls through inspired works of art. He does this for free and many of us chip in fabric and funds to help spread the love.

Notice what you do that brings you an inherent joy. Cooking? Baking? Writing letters? Skating? Surfing? Engaging in political discussions? What do you do that lights up your soul?

Step 2: Act on what you love.

I love walking. I could list a dozen aspects that appeal to me--quiet, outdoors, solo, challenging, adventurous, disciplined, focused, physical, taxing, cheap, limitless, leisurely and so on. It lights me up. So I do more and more of it. I walk half-marathons.

Whatever you notice yourself doing with joy, grace and the experience of fulfillment, do more of that.

Two steps to a fulfilled life.

See you on the path.



Rahbin Shyne