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100 Half-Marathons Blog

I walked my first half marathon in October 2015. It took three hours and fifty minutes to become hooked. Thirty-eight months later, I completed my 30 half-marathon. I think everyone should complete at least one half-marathon in their lifetime. It’s an accessible thrill you might find addicting.

Lifelong Love of Running


Donna and I completed the Santa Rosa Half-Marathon for the second time in two years. As always, we have a great time walking and talking. While engaged in conversation, we noticed that an older gentleman we thought we'd passed along with a few other walkers was actually breaking away from us. We both laughed and designated him as our pacer since he was so clearly steady.

More talking, walking and laughing as only BFFs of 25 years can do. We looked around sometime after passing mile four and our pacer was even farther ahead of us. By mile six, he was completely out of sight and we laughed all the more at ourselves. We couldn't keep up with our designated elderly pacer.  

After our post-race fruit and recovery stretching, Donna and I sat on a bench as Daryl passed by.  We started a conversation and asked him to sit with us a while. Donna had a non-alcoholic beer and I had the alcohol-included variety. I don't remember who offered him what, but he responded with a wave of the hand that only those confident in their wisdom can do. "I only drink water," he said.

Donna and I spent several minutes asking him questions which he graciously and appreciatively answered. He shared that he walked full-marathons most of his life, only adding half-marathons in the last few years. This year he expects to complete 4 full marathons and 5 half marathons. We were outpaced by 80-year-old Daryl B. who has logged over 340,000 race miles over 63 years of completing full and half marathons.

As we marveled at his passion for both racing and life, he would occasionally throw in additional tidbits for our enjoyment. At one point adding, "you know I am running on an injured hip."

Donna and I agreed nearly fell off the bench with laughter and made clear that he need not have share that part.


Rahbin Shyne