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100 Half-Marathons Blog

I walked my first half marathon in October 2015. It took three hours and fifty minutes to become hooked. Thirty-eight months later, I completed my 30 half-marathon. I think everyone should complete at least one half-marathon in their lifetime. It’s an accessible thrill you might find addicting.

Race #23 - Still Learning


On March 11, 2018 I completed the Tustin Hangar Half Marathon for the second time. I didn't pick up my bib the day before. I didn't look up directions to the start location. It was the same place as the year before. I knew where it was and how to get there. What could go wrong?

I neglected to take into the account that last year I drove to the race from a friend's home that approaches the race from the opposite direction. Oops. This time my approach headed directly into the route. It was quite a round-a-bout to get the staging area.

My GPS had me exit early. I trusted. Then, when it suggested heading what seemed much further north than necessary, I got anxious and turned around.

Three blocks into my new ad hoc route, the road is blocked. No worries. I ask the officers and they give me great directions. Great up until the next road closure. No worries, again. The next officers gave me proper directions the rest of the way to the race start.

Lesson learned. Read the road closures every time. I recommend it to others all the time. Knowing what to do is only worth anything when you actually do it.

Tomorrow I participate in the second half of the Los Angeles Marathon, West Hollywood to Santa Monica. Tomorrow, I am approaching the race with childlike wonder as if it is my first race. And padding my arrival with an extra hour's time.

See you on the path.