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I walked my first half marathon in October 2015. It took three hours and fifty minutes to become hooked. Thirty-eight months later, I completed my 30 half-marathon. I think everyone should complete at least one half-marathon in their lifetime. It’s an accessible thrill you might find addicting.

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Superman is not a real hero. You are!

Every action we take to cut down on pollution, to curb excess carbon emissions preserves the diversity, beauty and ecological well-being of our planet. I'd love it if there were a true Superman who could speedily fly counterclockwise to our earth's spin, reversing time and giving us a second chance to get ahead of the climate change we're experiencing. (Note: Whether we are in multi-millennial natural pattern or a human-created change, lessening our part is all good.) A superhero move available to each of us is replacing a single short car trip a week with a walk or bike ride.

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